Avira for Macで動作除外設定

Avira AntiVirus for Macを試用を開始したのだが、AntiVirusを使用する上での儀式のひとつに「Time Machineの宛て先のパーティションを動作除外対象にしておくと何かと安心」がある。

これはTime Machineが、ハードリンクを多用したり、パーティションサイズを可変にできる.sparsebundle形式を使っていることからの経験則だ。

ということで、Aviraの設定を全部なめても動作除外設定を行うGUIがないので、Bingさんに聞いてみたところ、「Adding folders and files exceptions for the Real-Time Protection of Avira Free Antivirus for Mac」との公式見解があった。



ExcludePattern ^/Users/./\1[.]sparsebundle/

とあるので、Time Machine対策が成されているとは思われるが、念のためTime Machineの宛て先のパーティションを正規表現ではなく直接的にまるっと指定しておいた。

1932時追記 ダブっていたので片方を削除した。

腐れ中国人がTwitterでピンハネ直談判 (Be corrupt, and a Chinese takes a kickback in Twitter and negotiates directly)

iStat Menuの作者のTwitter(@bjango)をつらつらと眺めていたら、いかにも胡散臭い呼びかけをしているアカウントに気付いた。



続いて、Paragon Technologie GmbH、Alfredの作者さん、NeXTSTEP時代からのデベロッパーのOmni Group、そしてSketchの作者さんと続いたが全く相手にされず。

ここで、iStat Menuの作者さんにやっと相手にしてもらえる(冒頭のtweet)も、「お前にピンハネなんぞさせねぇよ、馬鹿」(意訳)。



によると、自称Yan Pengfeiというお名前だそうだ。


Domain Name: softhead.cn
ROID: 20140918s10001s72234550-cn
Domain Status: ok
Registrant ID: hc-429110385-cn
Registrant: 深圳市奇睿天软件科技有限公司
Registrant Contact Email: admin@softhead.cn
Sponsoring Registrar: 阿里巴巴通信技术(北京)有限公司(原万网)
Name Server: dns7.hichina.com
Name Server: dns8.hichina.com
Registration Time: 2014-09-18 10:45:06
Expiration Time: 2016-09-18 10:45:06
DNSSEC: unsigned




最後に、少なくとも10を越えるアプリケーションが列挙されているが、OS Xアプリケーションを公開している皆さん、食い物にされていませんか?


I noticed the account that made quite suspicious calls when I looked at Twitter(@bjango) of the author of iStat Menu carefully.

Is very splendid; let take a kickback, and it is such a beggar. mention moving you to tears very much continues when I read “a tweet and a reply” of @SOFTHEADCN which is the account concerned.

The partner who wanted to do a beggar right after I made an account is copycat supplier same as oneself lol.

Without having continued with Paragon Technologie GmbH, an author of Alfred, an author of Omni Group of the developer from the NeXTSTEP era and Sketch successively, but being ignored at all.

(opening tweet) having at last an author of iStat Menu have anything to do here “is stupid”; (free translation).

By the way,

He say about name called self-styled Yan Pengfei.

By the way, after seeming to have a domain called softhead.cn, and, according to Bio of Twitter, performing whois

Domain Name: softhead.cn
ROID: 20140918s10001s72234550-cn
Domain Status: OK
Registrant ID: hc-429110385-cn
Registrant: Deep 圳 市奇睿天 软 件科技有限公司
Registrant Contact Email: admin@softhead.cn
Sponsoring Registrar: 阿里巴巴通信技 术 (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (原万网)
Name Server: dns7.hichina .com
Name Server: dns8.hichina .com
Registration Time: 2014-09-18 10:45:06
Expiration Time: 2016-09-18 10:45:06
DNSSEC: unsigned

The appearance of the application introduction makes it if I go to see web site as there is no help for it, but it is said that it was the thing of the homepage level on Sunday in the 1990s that I let you open the window whenever you tap a link. Besides, the littleness of the hole of buttocks that the character string of the URL is described without linking about the thing which does not have you accept a rake-off even if the application is introduced.

I think whether the introduction of the homepage level is formed on Sunday as I see it suddenly and am 55 pages, but corner-cutting addition and subtraction to come to often fall whenever I go ahead through the list of page are splendid. Besides, I cut a directory in the date when I see a linked URL and seem to shove several pages there. Does this fellow know even the technique called BLOG?

site map archive does the thing which output in an XML form in zip, and expose it to public scorn.

Finally the application more than at least ten is enumerated, but I eat it, everybody, and am not made one showing OS X application?